Helios 7

The 'Professional Series' Helios 7 operates up to eight (8) 1000 watt lights at 240 volts and has an built in 24 hour timer to control your lighting schedule. No other components are necessary, just wire into your power panel and plug your ballasts in! Titan Controls created for our industry, by our industry!

  • Controller will operate up to eight(8) HID lights (8000 Watts maximum)
  • The only lighting controllers featuring industrial-grade Allen Bradley ballast rated relays
  • Reliable 24 hour German timer with 15 minute non-detachable setting tabs
  • Durable powder coated steel chassis
  • 50 Amps/240 Volt = Input power
  • 40 Amps/ 240 Volt = Output power
  • 60 Hz.
  • Hand built in the USA!
  • 3 year warranty

Item #: 702676 - MSRP = $299.95

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To help you get your Titan Control devices up and running as fast as possible, we've included instructions and Quick Start guides in PDF format.

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Titan Controls Helios 6, 7 and 8 Video

Mike Gardner highlights the features of the Helios 6, 7 and 8 Lighting Controllers. Watch now!


Q = How do I set the 24 hour timer for my lights to turn ON & OFF?

A = If you have the older model with the BLACK timer do the following:

1. Each time tripper represents a 15 minute segment.

2. Push time trippers towards the inner ring of the dial showing an outside orange ring for ON time for lights.

3. Push all time trippers towards the inner ring postion for complete ON lighting schedule. (i.e. push all trippers towards center from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. You need to set complete schedule on timer for as long as you would like your lights to be ON. It will show an orange outer ring for ON time.

4. Set time of day by aligning black triangle to current time of day.

5. Lights will be operating for desired ON time setting.


A = If you have the newer model with the WHITE timer do the following:

1. Each time tripper represents a 15 minute segment.

2. The time switch is programmed by pushing the captive trippers to the inner ring position for the entire time period the lights are to be turned ON.

3. When the time trippers are pushed to the outer ring, the lights will be in the OFF position.

4. To set the current time of day, turn the minute hand clockwise. DO NOT set the time by rotating the "outer" dial. (i.e. To set time of day at 10:30 AM for 24 hour dial, turn the minute hand clockwise until 10:30 AM is aligned with the triangle on the inner dial. The hour and the minute dial will show exactly 10:30 AM.)

5. Lights will be set to operate for desired ON time setting.

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