Apollo 11

The Apollo 11 240 volt digital timer provides up to 20 seperate schedules per day allowing the gardener a multitude of settings to accomodate their needs. Can be used to run a light, pump, fan, etc. at 240 volts. Titan Controls bringing you innovative products to meet the growers requirements.

  • One NEMA 6-15 240 volt power outlet
  • 1 minute intervals up to 20 programs per day
  • Battery back up features saves settings in case of power failure
  • Plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Run light, pump or fan
  • 10 Amps/240 Volts/60 Hz.
  • 1 year warranty

Item #: 734155 - MSRP = $20.95

Important:  Not recommended for use with digital/electronic ballasts

To help you get your Titan Control devices up and running as fast as possible, we've included instructions and Quick Start guides in PDF format.

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This timer is not for use with digital or electronic ballasts due to the high in-rush current of the ballast.  The in-rush current can be from 10 to 40 times the rated amperage for the product and this burns the contacts inside of the timer making it inoperable.  We recommend the use of the Apollo 5 240 Volt ballast timer to operate digital and electronic ballasts.

Q = My Apollo 11 is in 24 hour (military) time format.  How do I change it to 12 hour AM & PM time format?

A = You can change the time formats by pressing and holding the TIME button for 3 seconds.  This will change the display to the 12 hour AM/PM time format, and the Apollo 11 will show AM or PM in the corner of the display.

Q = Why is there a '+1h' showing on my display?

A = This shows that the Apollo 11 is set in DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time format.  It can be defeated by pressing the TIME button and the right arrow button at the same time for 3 seconds.  One hour will be deducted from the current time and the '+1h' will disappear on the display screen.

Q = My Apollo 11 isn't following my 'ON TME' and 'OFF TIME' schedule programming?

A = Push the 'Reset' button and re-program the Apollo 11 in the 'AUTO OFF' setting.  You can accomplish this by pressing the 'MANUAL' button and scrolling through the settings until you find the "AUTO OFF' setting. This sets the Apollo 11 to turn 'ON' and 'OFF' your equipment when your grow schedule requires it.

Q: How long will the battery back-up last in a power outage?

A: The battery back-up is an internal cell style battery. It cannot be replaced because it is 'hard wired' to the printed circuit board. It will retain all timing and programmed settings a minimum of 7 days during a complete power outage. The internal cell battery will have a 5 to 10 year useful life in most normal applications.

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