HGC702750 - Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temp Shut Off
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Questions for Titan Controls® Zephyr™ 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay

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HGC702750 - Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temp Shut Off
Upc: 870883000158 10870883000155 20870883000152
Quantity: 36 576
Volume (cf): 0.059 3.059 61.444
Dim Weight (in3/lb): 0.731 38.023 763.856
Weight (lb): 0.700 27.750 489.000
Length (in): 5.400 20.400 48.000
Width (in): 5.700 20.400 40.000
Height (in): 3.300 12.700 55.300
I have set my "High Temp" value at 100°F and my "Start Delay" value at 15 minutes. The sensor indicates that 100°F has been achieved. The outlet is shut off. What regulates the outlet regaining power? Is it the temperature reading 90°F (automatic 10°F cool down programmed into the unit) or the preset value of 15 minutes?
Both, but the temperature reading is the overriding factor. The unit will only turn back on if a reading of 90°F has been achieved and the allotted time has elapsed. If the allotted time has elapsed but the 10°F cool down has not been achieved, the unit will not turn back on.
If the Zephyr 2 unit is set to "Hold Restart", how does the unit turn on in the first place since it needs the manual override?
As long as the temperature shut off has not been engaged, the unit will turn on immediately regardless of the "Hold Restart" setting being enabled.
Does the high temp shut off also delay the starting of your lights in the case of a power outage? Or, does it delay the start of the lights in the case of over-heating? If you wanted to set it to "HOLD" so that you were required to manually re-start the lights, would it not re-start at all in the case of a power outage?
The delay feature is for power outages, though it will delay "turn on" if time elapsed for cool down is shorter than the delay setting. If set in "hold restart", once turned off it will not restart until manually reset.
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