• Atlas 2

    The Atlas 2 - Preset CO2 controller is the most simple and straightforward CO2 controller available in the industry today! It's factory calibrated & preset to maintain the CO2 level in your garden at 1500 PPM. It features a built-in photocell that allows the Atlas 2 to operate only in the 'daytime' period when your plants can process CO2. Another industry first, brought to you by the design team at Titan Controls!

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  • Helios 13

    The Helios 13 - 16 light controller with timer provides up to 16,000 watts of lighting control. This 'Professional Series' commercial lighting controller is built using industrial grade Allen Bradley components, one of the most respected names in the industry! And it's built right here in the USA! Titan Controls continues to bring you the top quality controllers that you've come to expect. Gardening with the gods, what could be better!

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  • Saturn 6

    The Saturn 6 gives you the control of your temperature (day & night), humidity and CO2 PPM levels with digital accuracy. It comes with a 15 foot remote sensor which also features a photocell. The photocell ensures daytime only CO2 enrichment and the ability to control a ‘night only’ device.

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    Titan Controls - Kronus Series
  • Flo-N-Brew

    Titan Controls brings you the perfect solution for your compost tea brewing requirements, the Flo-N-Brew. This tea brewer features Xtreme Gardening - Xtreme Tea Brew! It comes with all you'll need to brew two 3 gallon batches of premium compost tea for your garden and all you'll have to add is water. Simple to use and easy to understand, Titan Controls just keeps bringing it to you! Gardening with the Gods...what could be better!

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