Helios 8

The 'Professional Series' Helios 8 - 240 Volt eight (8) light controller will operate up to 8000 Watts of HID lighting. With two (2) relay trigger cords plugged into seperate external timers, you can run two separate lighting schedules (i.e. one 12 hour day and one 18 hour day) or run all 8 on the same schedule if you'd like. Durable and built to last, the Helios 8 is packaged in a powder coated, steel chassis. Controllers created for years of service!

  • Operates up to eight 1000 Watt HID lights at the same time
  • The only lighting controllers featuring industrial-grade Allen Bradley ballast rated relays
  • Step by step installation instructions are easy to follow
  • Dual 120 volt trigger cords allow the grower to run two separate lighting schedules
  • Durable powder coated steel chassis
  • 50 Amp/ 240 Volt = Input power
  • 40 Amp/ 240 Volt = Output power
  • Patent pending - 29/511,532
  • 60 Hz.
  • Hand built in the USA!
  • 3 year warranty

Item #: 702677 - MSRP = $274.95

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To help you get your Titan Control devices up and running as fast as possible, we've included instructions and Quick Start guides in PDF format.

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Application Diagram


Titan Controls Helios 6, 7 and 8 Video

Mike Gardner highlights the features of the Helios 6, 7 and 8 Lighting Controllers. Watch now!


Q = What are the 'trigger cords' for?

A = The 'trigger cords' activate and deactivate your light bank. It uses a standard 120 Volt circuit to open and close the high power relay inside the Helios 8 lighting controller. When the trigger cords activate the relay, you will hear a 'thunk' sound. This is the relay turning ON your light bank. When the trigger cords defeat the 120 Volt power to the relay, you will hear the 'thunk' sound again and your lights will be OFF. To operate your light bank, plug the 'trigger cords' into a 120 Volt 24 hour appliance timer (we suggest Apollo 8 or Apollo 9 120V timers) and set your required lighting schedule (normally 18 hours in vegatative stage and 12 hours in flowering stage). Your grow lights will operate based on the ON/OFF settings on the 24 hour timer. Two trigger cords allow the grower to stagger light ON times or have two separate timing schedules. See application diagram for more information.

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