Room Dimensions (feet) Room Dimensions (meters)


Room Size

Area: {{rarea}} feet2
Volume: {{rvolume}} feet3
Area: {{rarea}} meters2
Volume: {{rvolume}} meters3

CO2 Level

Ambient CO2 Level {{ambientco2}} ppm

Target CO2 Level {{targetco2}} ppm

On {{cycleon}} minutes per hour

CO2 Flow Rate

{{scfperhour}} feet3 per hour* {{scmperhour}} meters3 per hour*

Flow exceeds capacity of valve
*This is stated as SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour) on Titan Controls CO2 Regulators

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important element your plants need. Plants absorb CO2 from the air via small pores in their leaves called stomata and use it as a building block to grow and bloom. CO2 is naturally present in the air at around 360-395 PPM. If you don’t keep CO2 levels topped up (either by ventilating with fresh air or supplementing with a CO2 cylinder or burner) your plants will run out of food. If this happens you can expect stretched, leggy growth, smaller fruits and airy, wispy flowers.